Ever wonder what the real reasons why Connecticut has no trail system or legal places to ride other than private property?

Do you know any of the bills regarding OHV recreation that have been passed in Connecticut in the last 15 years?

How much money is spent out of state for OHV recreation?

Wouldn’t you want to have ability to have a voice and make a difference in our OHV future?

When you join COREC you will have easy access to this and much more.  Being a member of COREC sheds new light on the OHV issues in Connecticut and allows you to be part of the solution.  Team work, unity and numbers is what it takes to make a difference.

With the support and guidance of State Representatives like Rob Sampson, talking government issues will be easier to approach.

We advise everyone to contact their local representative to find out if they support OHV recreation in Connecticut.  It’s as easy as asking!

Know who you’re voting for.  Are they supported by conservations groups?  Are they endorsed by any conservancy groups?  What sort of background do they have?

It’s obvious the government plays an important role in what happens in OHV use.  They control land, funding, personnel and they influence the view of the general public.  If you want to change something, government should be #1 on your list.

We will have to compromise. Yes, it’s a terrible word but, we need to start somewhere.  We are not going to get everything we want so keeping our goals within reach will be important.

COREC will not be alone.  We will have the assistance of several other Pro-OHV entities, such as: AMA, CMRA, NOHVCC, NEA, NOVA and many more. This also includes dealers and retailers for OHV equipment, our business is their business.

We want to educate you!  We hve the materials to help you become a better OHV user!  Whether it’s laws, upcoming government bills, how to build a trail or how to form a club, COREC has the ability to help.


Current State Legislative Priorities

  1. More riding space
  2. Safer riding space
  3. Cheaper registrations (or more benefits)


Current National Legislative Priorities

  1. Priority 1
  2. Priority 2
  3. Document 1