About Us

About Us

C.O.R.E.C. is a non profit organization dedicated to lobbying and petitioning the politicians of our state to designate land exclusively for use by it’s off road community. Through the support of our members, dealers and other supporting organizations our voices will be heard!


As most of us know there is no legal OHV riding in ct. There have been many bills passed but the state has never came through on there part. Its time to change this!

What can COREC do for me?

COREC will introduce all of its members to other forms of OHV use and the issues surrounding each. Being well rounded in the knowledge of our issues will be key to success. As a member, you will have the opportunity to expose you and your family to everything OHV through volunteering for events and attending meetings. COREC will be your direct link from the OHV user all the way to legislature and beyond. With the help of the NOHVCC (National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council) the AMA and many other organizations, moving forward will be educational and exciting!