Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to the COREC new website, hosted by RideTrails.org! We have partnered with RideTrails to improve our web presence to the public, provide a way for members to pay dues electronically, and to help our club generate revenue!

Our site is FREE to our organization (we just manage and update the content) and is now supported by a team of professionals that help us keep the site up-to-date and operating. National Supporters pay RideTrails for the costs of operating our site and supporting our organization and our club has the opportunity to generate revenue, just by using our site!

Revenue you say? That’s right! 

At the end of RideTrails program year, they share remaining revenue back with our organization — based on the number of visitors our website gets. The more we use the site — the more potential earnings for us! The Amazon.com ads on our page are especially important, because for every click on our ads that results in a completed sale, a portion of the sale goes to support RideTrails.org and increases our own potential earnings!

We hope that our new site becomes a hub for club operations and communications! Visit it often for updates and to patronize our national supporters!

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